Our company has taken advantage of the latest technologies in video and the internet to assist businesses such as yours. With our new Video 360 and Virtual Reality capabilities, we continue to stay on the cutting edge of new technology and round it off with our unique story-telling expertise.

Virtual Reality & Video 360

Lately, it has been about video content. We have seen an exponential increase of video usage on the internet. Social media have made video sharing extremely easy and accessible to all. This particular activity has suddenly become very popular amongst the masses. In addition to many people doing this, businesses have jumped on that bandwagon because it is likely to be successful AND profitable. But how do you stand out when everyone around you is already doing the same thing?

With the launch of virtual reality goggles, consumer virtual reality is very much the technology of the moment. Migrate Production offers virtual reality / video 360 production as one of our services. We acquired a state-of-the-art camera that shoots 4K video with ambisonic 3D sound (aka immersive audio) that puts you right into the action. This astounding new camera features a technology that allows realtime stitching without the fisheye look. This is a stunning and captivating way for publishers and content creators to share immersive stories, places and experiences with their fans, followers and customers.

Think of the endless opportunities!

You’re a real-estate expert?
Take the lead in the real estate industry and host virtual open houses by live streaming in 360° video. Buyers can use their phone, tablet or computer to navigate around the rooms with no blind spots. Let us produce a video 360 of your homes for sale and let hundreds of people take an online tour rather than you showing it to one potential buyer at a time. Reach out to more people, increase your selling prospective, keep your commission high rather than lowering it in order to stay competitive.

“An Australian real estate group reports that real estate listings with videos receive a whopping 403% more inquiries than those without videos.”

You’re a winemaker?
Let us write your story and produce a video featuring you and your winery that will place the audience in the heart of the action. Post it on various internet venues, promote your product and create an extra revenue stream from online advertising.

You’re a stunt driver?
Imagine filming your next daredevilry in Video 360! Pluck the camera right in the middle of the action or place it inside the vehicle. Immerse your fans and let them feel the exhilaration as you do, one frame at a time – Not to mention the ability to pause the sequence at any point in time while still being able to look around, and selectively zoom in and out of various quadrants.

You’re the owner of a car dealership?
Imagine giving people the feeling of what it’s like to virtually sit behind the wheel of a brand new car. From luxurious materials to finely crafted details, the video 360 camera will capture every angle of sophistication, style and, most definitely, comfort, letting the viewer immerse himself in the finest inlays of virtual reality. Heck, I think he could almost get a sense of that brand new car smell!

You’re a business owner?
Give a personal tour of your workspace or your store, and provide your targeted audience with a chance to get to know you and what you do better. A well produced corporate video is the best way to convey emotions and to get in people’s mind and soul. Involve them with what you do. Think of it as an online open house for an infinite amount of people.

You manage a luxury resort & spa?
Allow your audience to feel what it’s like to stay in a spectacular setting, coveted location, beautiful architecture, and wonderful weather. Let the video 360 tell the story. Give your guests a chance to experience an enchanting getaway virtually, and get used to the exquisite property and its wonderful amenities, from every angle.

You’re a real-life professional hiker?
Our video 360 camera will take you on a tour of amazing sights from around the world. View virtual reality panoramas of breathtaking landscapes, ancient landmarks, dazzling cityscapes, underwater vistas, and much more. Ditch traditional photos and videos and immerse yourself into nature’s beauty with video 360.

Live streaming?
Of course! 360º Live Streaming on YouTube and Facebook. Think about this… There’s a conference with guests speakers and you’re the organizer. The room sits 200 but would love a bigger outreach, maybe something more like 2000. Get a bigger room? Well, it gets pricy very fast. The solution is to place our camera right in the center of the room. Send a live feed to the people who couldn’t make it and make them feel like they are there! They save on travel expenses and you make more money form online viewers, without having to pay more for a bigger room.

Social Sharing?
Yes! Upload your 360° VR videos to YouTube and Facebook and share them to your fans, followers and potential customers. Tell them about what you do and the services you offer through the powers of interaction. Entice them with a fully immersive new technology.

Shoot concerts, sport events, weddings, corporate videos… The list goes on and on.

In addition to offering this new technology, we are proud to provide excellent story-telling chops from our talented writers and producers, accompanied with a high production value that includes voice-over, sound design and music – all this tailored and customized specifically with your needs in mind. Our mission is to implement a unique technology to intensify user experiences through immersive and interactive content. Prices will vary based on the amount of production. Chose a package that best suits you needs. Prices start as low as $300!

For more information, contact us to start your 360° video or VR project now!