Migrate Video is an all inclusive pre and post-production company that focuses on producing professional videos for local businesses. We pride ourselves on creating captivating videos that are both effective & affordable. Our video production services include the creation and production of TV commercials, TV promos, web videos, corporate videos, presentations, documentaries, Video 360 and more – and naturally featuring killer sound design and Hollywood grade audio quality that our clients have come to expect.


Our Video Production Services

Online Web Video
Video is one of the most effective online marketing tools available to small businesses today. Video can help you increase your search rankings, drive massive amounts of traffic to your website, and increase conversion rates by nearly 300%!

Whiteboard & Animated Video
Are you an author, speaker, business owner or have a product? We will help illuminate your awesomeness with a custom whiteboard animation video. High quality product explainer videos help convey your brand in an engaging way. At migrate Production, we convert your message into an engaging and hypnotizing explainer video.

Small Business Video
Even with limited budgets, our team is trained to create and deliver the best possible product for our valued small business partners.

Social Event & Recap Video
Our team has extensive experience with on-site shoots—helping ensure we capture the atmosphere and big moments of your event. Photos are useful, but they don’t show the whole story—only video can convey the atmosphere and energy of a live event. Our team works hard to collect a variety of shots that creatively and accurately represent your company or organization’s event. We edit fast to turn around your event recap as quickly as possible—so you can share it with anyone in your network who missed out or just wants to reminisce.

Real Estate
Whether you are selling commercial or residential, engage potential buyers, and show off what sets your property apart! Video tours can highlight the best features of your real estate properties and give your potential buyers an intimate look around from the comfort of their own home. Show off your amenities and the beauty of the surrounding area with a professional camera crew and aerial drones!

Destination Video
Bring your city or your neighborhood to life with video! Stand out from the pack by introducing new and potential residents (and businesses) to your community using video.

Drone & Aerial Photography
Shots that were once impossible without the use of a large crew or a helicopter rental are now made possible by the use of drones and a skilled pilot.  The use of remote-controlled aerial drones allow for impressive, beautiful shots for any client. Shots that used to require cranes or helicopter rentals to achieve are now made possible by a drone and one highly skilled pilot. Make your clients stop and take note at “how-did-they-do-that” moments. Set a free consultation today to see how aerial video can take your video marketing to the next level!

Brand Video
We know the value of brand recognition and authority. Our high quality brand videos have a proven track record of increasing web traffic and improving conversion rates of our clients’ websites.

Corporate / Institutional Video
Our team is well-versed working in the corporate world, and creating videos that achieve the goals of larger companies and well known brands across the country.

Video Marketing & PR
Combining high quality content with a consistent release schedule, Migrate Production offers video marketing packages to help your brand explode online through video. We provide your business with enough videos to include in your digital marketing for an entire year. We handle the video production and the strategic online implementation so you don’t have to worry!

Educational & FAQ Video
FAQ videos will drive new traffic to your website so that they can turn into leads. We do extensive keyword research before we shoot so that we know what keywords to target in your area that will provide you with the most content. In addition to uploading these videos onto your YouTube channel, we will write the blog posts and include the correct embed code to get your videos indexed on your web page.

Make-It-Real Video
Our team is trained to shoot and produce professional-grade interviews. Build up your online presence and accessibility by sending a message featuring the CEO himself, or utilizing real customer feedback and experience.

Documentaries & Stories
We all have a story to tell–let us tell yours. Our team of writers and producers are trained to create and produce compelling, cost-effective, and visual attractive videos.

Specialty Video
Our video production team works with all kinds of businesses and trades to deliver specialty videos that will engage, educate, and entertain your potential clients.

Animated Characters & Modeling
Visual effects and animation turns a simple live action video production into a work of art. When a sequence is too dangerous, expensive, impractical, or impossible to capture on video, Computer Generated Images is the way to go. Ask us how we can help you with state-of-the-art VFX.

Virtual Reality / Video 360
In addition to traditional videos, we offer consultations on 360 video and virtual reality, as well as full production services : from pre-production, shooting your spherical video on location, syncing and stitching your video with the latest post-production software, sound mix, and optimization techniques to make sure your content finds an audience!

Exterior & Interior Video and Photo Shoot
Our team will travel to your location and shoot indoor and/or outdoor as necessary. We can also schedule a production stage and create any type of environment with the use of a green backdrop.

Fun Video Facts

40% of people respond better to visual information than plain text.
57% of clients say video increases their confidence in a business.
Including video on your site increases chances of a first page ranking by 53 times, and gets 41% more clicks.
Website conversions improve by nearly 300% when a high-quality video is embedded on the page.

Call us to discuss your next project and let us help you with your video production needs.